About Us

Alesco :

Alesco was born from the idea that with strong values, openness and trust with our trade partners, we could introduce a new way of working build on win-win in order to respond to the specific challenges in the cement and building materials industry. By offering a rapid response to market needs, and ensuring immediate availability

We have a very close cooperation with our clients in order to plan and execute their cement requirements and we always ensure a personalized contact throughout all work stages. On the other hand, we put great length in identifying reputable producers internationally to provide us high grade Cement , Clinker and Gypsum for a competitive price.


Alesco has now also opened an office in Turkey, Mugla province, under the name Alesko In┼čaat Sanayi ve Ticaret, who can also further assist you with all trading inquiries.

For further contact, you can call +90 538 2954230